The curriculum for Foundation (Prep) to Year 10 in Victoria is known as AusVELS. This represents the integration of the new Australian Curriculum subjects into the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS). VELS was the previous Victorian curriculum framework used by schools. 

Implementation of AusVELS began in 2013, when schools used the achievement standards for reporting to parents. The AusVELS curriculum currently incorporates the Australian Curriculum for English, Mathematics, Science and History, with adjustments made where necessary to reflect Victorian priorities and standards. The remaining domains have been taken from the earlier curriculum entitled VELS.

AusVELS uses an eleven level structure to reflect the design of the new Australian Curriculum whilst retaining Victorian priorities and approaches to teaching and learning.


The Australian Curriculum has three dimensions: learning areas, general capabilities and cross-curriculum priorities.

The Australian Curriculum has eight learning areas. Some learning areas include more than one subject and some are introduced at different phases of the primary school

Learning areas








Humanities and Social Sciences



Economics and Business

Civics and Citizenship

The Arts



Media arts


Visual Arts


Design and Technologies

Digital Technologies

Health and Physical Education

Health and Physical Education


French at MPPS

 In each curriculum, the content descriptions specify what all young people should be taught, and the achievement standards set out the depth of understanding and sophistication of skill expected of students at points in their schooling.

Other information is provided to support the content descriptions and achievement standards. Each curriculum includes a rationale, aims, year or band level descriptions, information on the organisation of the curriculum, content elaborations, annotated portfolios of student work samples and a glossary.




General Capabilities and Cross-Curriculum Priorities

The Australian Curriculum pays explicit attention to how seven general capabilities and three cross-curriculum priorities contribute to, and can be developed through each learning area.                                                                                                                                                             The seven general capabilities are Literacy, Numeracy, Information and Communication Technology Capability, Critical and Creative Thinking, Personal and Social Capability, Ethical Understanding, and Intercultural Understanding.                                                                                                                                             Learning continua are available for each capability, which describe the relevant knowledge, skills, behaviours and dispositions at particular points of schooling.

The Australian Curriculum focuses on three cross-curriculum priorities:

1.      Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures

2.      Asia and Australia’s Engagement with Asia

3.      Sustainability.

At Middle Park Primary School, we plan a two year program except for Prep and our students work in multi-age classrooms with teaching teams taking collective responsibility for the delivery of our learning programs via team planning meetings and Professional Learning Team meetings.  The students form relationships across the two grade levels and teachers plan and implement differentiated learning tasks regardless of age or grade.

Foundation Level  - Prep

Levels 1&2 - Years 1 & 2

Levels 3&4 - Years 3 & 4

Levels 5&6 - Years 5 & 6


The VCAA has two websites to support the AusVELS.

AusVELS Curriculum website

Provides the curriculum content descriptions and achievement standards to be used by Victorian government and Catholic schools to plan, assess and report to parents.

AusVELS Resources and Support website

Information and resources to support AusVELS include:

·         Assessment

·         Consultations

·         Diversity of learners                                                                                                                           

·         Domain based resources

·         Implementation

·         Professional learning

·         Whole school planning



Another useful link is that of ACARA (Australian Curriculum Assessment & Reporting Authority) where the curriculum expectations are clearly laid out in 11 levels, taking each child from Foundation to the end of Year 10 prior to commencing VCE studies with a national curriculum focus.



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